Saturday, 3 September 2016


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Also read this buzzfeed post about times Tumblr has butchered the Spanish language! It made me laugh 

So let me reintroduce myself

Hello reader.

My name is Kaycey and I am a university student in the UK. I study tourism and my course is 4 years long. The third year (this year) I have to work in the tourism industry for 40 weeks thus I by God's grace ended up in the city of Barcelona and have a home and work placement here until next year summer.

I chose to study tourism because I wanted to do a subject with hints of geography and languages. I feel I wasn't intelligent enough or good enough at science to do Geography (one of the most underrated subjects in this world) and wasn't good enough at Spanish to study Spanish. Though those points seem negative, it is the truth and it lead me to study this amazing subject at a wonderful university - in fact the best in the country for tourism. I have always loved travelling and going on holiday (like every single normal human ever) and wanted to know more about this wide 24 365 industry. I liked that I could study subjects like environmental studies, which looks at eco tourism and the pressure tourism puts on nature fauna and flora; I could also study tourism operations management and tourism development and planning. French was also available as a module which allowed me to pick up from where I left up with French in year 9 and many management subjects, like finance, marketing, economics and managing people - which can all be implemented in many fields of work.

I will concentrate on Spain in a later post and Korea and Malta which I have visited in the past year.

I sincerly thank you for reading and hope my blog is something of interest to you. #reboot

Bad blogger

Hello readers,

I return to being a writer because I have missed blogging that much. It has been more than a year now that I have been postponing writing, even though I have been gathering writing material and have many ideas. I can admit I haven't been able to keep up with many areas of my life but this is going to become my new homework - to revive this blog and fill it with the content that I had originally intended.

I even considered starting afresh a new blog but that would cause everything I've ever posted here to become invaluable. I'd compare this blog to a plant I bought but kept forgetting to water it...but that plant is a cactus so it will live long and survive arid conditions.

I put my writer cap back on, try to communicate using proper english and return to tell you about the world outside your front door. And now, some spam!

Friday, 8 April 2016

International heart?

I started to write this post when I had one week to go until my big adventure but now my big adventure has almost ended so I have a lot to tell you :)
First I wanted to share a little summary of my first year of university and some things to come. I have a great year at my university home or 'beachland' as I like to call it. I really feel at home there and it is an amazing place. Perhaps my course isn't all I expected it to be but I still enjoyed it so much and passed year 1 with a merit which I am proud of so I can't complain! (Even though I could have done better). Bring on second year tourism management! This year of course I have to be ever more cautious of my grades as they contribute to my final year mark and the grade I graduate with. This year I must also start to look for a placement which I will really be praying over; there are certain lands and fields of tourism on my heart.
I'd like to think I have an international heart. I think I mentioned last year how I get confused as an international student as most of my friends are international students. (A bit annoying that that is the assumption as if international students should only hang out with each other) but I love to learn from them. Sharing different cultures and customs, learning bits of other languages and of course the awesome food; I find it all so fun! I sometimes go this international café and of course everyone asks where I am from but get confused that I am a British student (especially since my english fails a lot) and that I  want to learn from them about their home cultures. I still have not figured out how exactly I identify with foreign students. Is it a personality thing? A selfish thing that I am just friends with people from certain places as I want to learn their language. I am not sure but I am a proud back up for the international team at Christian Union, global buddy for next year and geography & languages enthusiast
I am currently at a crossroad, not knowing whether to take on French again next year or not. I enjoy learning it, but could I possibly be assessed on it at a higher level?
So I write this post from a hairdressers in Seoul, South Korea as I wait for my friend to get her hair done. I finally made it here guys, and though my adventure is almost over, a real big one starts tomorrow ;)
...updates coming soon

Thursday, 7 April 2016


I am very excited to announce that I will be returning to my blog after almost a year of hiatus. Many exciting things this past year have happened and many exciting thing are coming up...keyword = EXCITEMENT.

I have a lot of content, that I have been planning to write for a long time now, that I will be able to share real soon. Life threw me under the bus with a lot of university work however, "it's been along time coming, but I'm here now".

Kaycey, welcome back.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Da Rules

This video right here relates a bit to my rant post that I uploaded about a month ago. I literally just watched this video but found it too epic and deep that I just had to share it everywhere! This is really the world outside your front door as I feel a lot of people have no idea the racism in society especially against black people. Eyes need to be opened and though there have been several movements in the past that we all are reminded about during black history month, racism still exists.

  Being black often feels like walking on eggshells, how we have to be so careful not to 'scare' people, how so many stereotypes (stupid and offensive) are always brought to us and how we have to be careful that our 'blackness' or lack of it doesn't offend people. Check out this poem recited by these three young African Americans - Marvin Hodges, Em Allison and Saidu Tejan Thomas. "Da Rules"

In other news, exam period is approaching so busy busy busy I am. I am still having an amazing time preparing for my South Korea trip and am in love with the new Mfbty album "wonderland". 

If you do not know who Mfbty (my fans better than yours) are, they are a project group built up of 3 of the best, most famous, crazy skilled hip hop artists based in South Korea. They created Feel Ghood Music and are Bizzy, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae (Tasha). Their sound comes from a variety of places and they have lived all over the world (including New Zealand, USA and of course South Korea). Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, who is half African American, are married and the group is just amazeballs. The song I really recommend is 사랑과 평화 (love & peace) featuring Jeon In Kwon - it has a smooth reggae Maxwell type beat and is the tale of pride in love causing loss, the pain that comes after and realising it is time to apologise.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Los secretos de aprender otro idioma en pocas semanas

Hi all! Hope you have all had a lovely Easter. I recently came across an article on BBC Mundo (so it is in Spanish) giving advice about learning laguages. So if you are a Spanish speaker learning another language or Spanish is the language you are learning, give the article a read! Discover tips and possibly nuevo vocabulario!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Best beach in Britain

Este artículo me hace feliz :-)

Discover Patagonia

Some of you may know that Patagonia (a region shared between Argentina and Chile) is like my dream location and I have done a lot of research on it for various school projects and personal interest etc.

An opportunity came up, for my Environmental Studies unit, to create a leaflet promoting an adventure trip for a protected area in the world and my first thought was obviously PATTY! It isn't the best quality leaflet (the majority was done at 7am after a night out - I am a fresher...leave me alone lol.) I may be biased, but I am in love with it and would want to go on this trip! One day, you will be mine Patagonia..

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Manu Chao

In class one day, in 6th form, I had to do a 'fill the gap' and translation task of a song. That song was Clandestino by Manu Chao. A song about the life of illegal immigrants and the law against them. It was a nice different kind of eye opener song.
I then came across the same song a few months later and decided to Youtube the song...leading to coming across a stream of the album 'Clandestino' leading to me becoming addicted to that album. Now I have started to listen to 'Próxima Estación - Esperanza'.

I really enjoy Chao's sound and have never heard anything like it. Chao is a French born musician of Spanish blood and sings in Spanish, French, Portuguese, English, Arabic, Galician and Wolof (yes he is multilingual) and he usually mixes languages in his songs.
His sound carries many genres from punk, rock and French chason to salsa, ska, reggae and Algerian raï.
Chao's lyrics talk about immigration, love, living in ghettos and drugs, and often carry a left-wing message. [1]

One day I will have a proper sit down and listen to his songs whilst reading lyrics before I am nodding along to some nonsense, however I understand quite a lot of the contact as I learn Spanish, French, can understand some Portuguese and obviously know English. I really do recommend listening to his obras. It is somewhat refreshing.

The song of the moment, for me, is 'Me gustas tu':
Me gustan los aviones, me gustas tu. [I like airplanes, I like you]
Me gusta viajar, me gustas tu. [I like to travel, I like you]
Me gusta la mañana, me gustas tu. [I like the morning, I like you]
Me gusta el viento, me gustas tu. [I like the wind, I like you]
Me gusta soñar, me gustas tu. [I like to dream, I like you]
Me gusta la mar, me gustas tu. [I like the sea, I like you]

Que voy a hacer, je ne sais pas. [What am I to do, I don't know]
Que voy a hacer, je ne sais plus. [What am I going to do, I don't know anymore]
Que voy a hacer, je suis perdu. [What I'm gonna do, I'm lost]
Que horas son, mi corazón. [What time is it, my heart]

As you must know, when learning languages music is a big help to become aware of vocabulary and phrases and modern terms and the language you are learning in general. 

2 years!

Wow! I guess sometime this month is my 2 year anniversary. I am not sure the exact date but I am so happy that I was inspired to create this blog. It really helps me organise my thoughts and share them with all you readers and document so many amazing things I have come across and learnt.

Whether you have been reading for two years or two minutes, sincerly, thank you.

I hope I never forget to blog, thank you for reading 😃

Thursday, 5 March 2015

English is such a terrible language

And tumblr shows us evidence why on this buzzfeed article. Enjoy this read...or end up really frustrated at how some English grammar and spelling rules make like 0 sense

Sunday, 1 March 2015


Getting away from my previous post (my lovely little rant if you missed it) Summer 2015 is going to be awesome. I am finally going to embark on the amazing adventure to *drumrolls* 대한민국 (만세 만세) ㅋㅋㅋ YES YOU GUESSED IT. KOREA2k15 is a thing! It is happening! I am going!

Tickets are booked and I am going with two unnies / older friends from my old Korean class. There will be so much to fit in to our 2 week itinerary. Visiting 5 of our Korean teachers, friends, penpals, monuments, landmarks, palaces. Having fun! it shall be mental. We are so excited and constantly thinking about this trip.

 It is true and cannot be ignored - there are racism horror stories; but it is like that in so many places once you come out of like multicultural London for example (not to say it doesn't happen in London too) but doesn't mean everyone is the same. I have met several Koreans and all they are are just welcoming lovely Seouls  (anyone get my Seoul / Soul joke I cannot wait especially to meet my 친구처럼 언니 ㅋㅋ ;)

More to come on this trip and you know this blog will be bumping in the summer time..though I am trying very hard now

Around this time last year was Spain, this summer will be Korea, next year I pray Spain again (maybe for a work placement God willing) and then where to next?!

I cannot remember posting my 'official' top 10 list but of where I want to go in some particular order:
  • Spain (Spain is only here cause I just always want to go but have already been 3 times before)
  • Korea
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Peru / Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Nicaragua
(P.S please note how 7 of these countries are Spanish speaking).

Welcome to MY culture: Rant

This is a different kind of post, a post of frustration for a change - I have already come to terms that I cannot win whatever I do but I am done trying to win - I am just doing me. I have come to 100% acceptance of who I am and only God and I know who that truly is.

What I mean (in preparation for this rant) I am so sick of people telling me who to be according to outwards appearance. If you have read any of my blog you can tell that 'Kaycey's culture' is about literally everything I am interested in and that includes the languages I learn and the countries I read about and cultures that I investigate. I try not to discriminate - I am interested in the world outside of each one of our front doors! I am a world person - and like to travel - I would go everywhere if it was up to me.

This all came from a conversation that I had today with two of my close friends (whom I love loads and will be traveling with this summer). We spoke about racism we may face when going to this certain country (two of us going are Asian and two of us are black) and racism in general. Quite a lot of emotion was brought out because of the unfairness and superficiality and ignorance and arrogance people from all over the world have to encounter; the constant stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination - just because of such a measly thing - because of our race. Races being different, which should be such a small irrelevant thing has become such a big thing in such a negative light because of this thing called racism. We're bloody made different for a reason - everyone is beautiful and special in different ways for a reason!- and I have never been able to understand how one race could be more valuable, more powerful and more high up in some sort of  weird stupid hierarchy - what is the reason?!

I spoke to my friends about my experience of people always judging me because of my apparent personality and hobbies - "Are you even black?" "Why are you trying to be White / Asian / not be black". Just because I take an interest in languages and cultures people think I want to change my race. It is so annoying I am not defined or boxed in by my race. Under the skin we all look so similar! I am in love with Spain and Latin America EVIDENTLY but people only take notice of me learning an Asian language and because of that apparently I only like Asian guys too?! If anything I would want to be Latina (my love for Shakira is too deep) but I am happy being me! If I find someone attractive it is not because of their race - it is their everything. My own family hint at me how I am not black enough? What does that mean; no one has actually explained that to me?
Are they are hinting at stereotypes like me not wanting to smoke 'ganja' or go to bashment parties, or my inability to cook certain dishes, do certain hairstyles, dance certain dances? My friend in response to this said "There is more to being black than a few Caribbean stereotypes". I still don't get it! Please tell me how I could have 'interacted with my race' properly.

It is hard enough living in such a multicultural country. I was born and brought up here but I always get "yeah you are from London...but where are you FROM?!"

I just act according to my heart and not what is expected. I genuinely like a mix. I have friends from all over the world and I don't choose them as my friend because of where they are from - if we get on and have similar interests then bam! - friendship formed. I have an international heart. In my course people from the UK tend to hang out with each other and there is a little bit of segregation as the international students hang out together. But why is it like that? I was even mistaken as an international student several times because of me hanging out with the internationals.

To be honest, it is nonsense. I have friends from South America, Bulgaria, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Nepal, France, Hong Kong, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Guyana, Jamaica, Eritrea, Morocco, India, England and all over the world. Why is it every time I might take an interest in their culture I am suddenly 'trying to get away' from my heritage?

I admitted to them there have been times when I have found 'being black' tough but mainly due to my own insecurities. Whenever I'd go on holiday I would get darker and because of comments like "Wow! You are dark" said in such a negative way I hated going outside in summer in fear of becoming darker. How stupid and sad that is! My friend said in response to this 'The darker the berry the sweeter the juice'. Black people also compare their skin tones amongst themselves (and other races also do this aswell). 'Lighties' 'teamdarkskin' all of that. In my head from when I was young I was confused if being such a colour was such a bad thing. It is a thing with so many people that 'hair is beauty' - mines is a very tough short coily curly mess of an afro thing that I do not maintain well and does not grow so easily. India Arie wrote a song about all of this "I am not my hair, I am not my skin; I am a soul that lives within". "Dont judge me based my hair or my skin color but on who I am inside".

I mentioned to some friends how I have not in recent years had a black guy approach me (no I am not talking about those 40 year old uncles - I mean black guys in the same age category) and they told me that I was lying (because of a certain 'black' apparently attractive feature I might possess lol). Guys have their random preferences so I am not going to appeal to everyone and that is fair - but it was unfair to say that I filtered out black guys because of my apparent preferences. IT IS TOTALLY NOT LIKE THAT!

If I put on reggae or hip-hop or RnB it goes ignored. The second the language changes suddenly I hate being black? If I like a black guy no one cares. The second I mention liking a guy who is Asian for example "Yeah you like your Asian boys don't you!" I want to travel the WORLD instead of always going to the same Caribbean countries (which I love btw). Oh, suddenly now I hate and am ashamed of Jamaica? I made jerk chicken earlier this week and all I get is "oh what happened to the Asian food". Just because I like a mix.

God made us all in his perfect image, but some certain humans intervened and created the 'desired image' and so came the 'white supremacy'. This isn't a race rant or a history rant, this is a me rant so I will leave that part right there but remember 'WE ARE ALL AFRICAN' - WAKA WAKA (Shakira love too deep).

People from all different races are different and sooo soo beautiful regardless; however, society's flaws created so much of this racism crap. At the end of the day, I (finally) love who I am and am comfortable with myself. I hope for anyone who feels like they 'do not belong' that they remember that they do and are so important - so put spoons on your eyes and 'umm block out the haters'

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Happy New Year!!

Greetings loyal / new / wandering readers! I hope that the Winter break was enjoyed and peaceful for those who had a break and that 2015 will be good for you all!
I decided (NEW YEARS RESOLUTION...though January is almost over) I really have to dive into blogging again so I will be hopefully having minimum weekly posts and multiple updates coming soon as I have some time on my hands.
So here we go~~

I follow a really beautiful twitter page called viajerosblog on twitter (it means travelers blog) and my friend tells me I spam by retweeting my 'paradise porn' pictures. I can't help it! Check out the glorious pictures of various worldwide destinations they post!
I received another box filled of lovely Korean goodies from my amazing Korean friend - I realised I still have not shared what was in the first box and what I sent! (Major procrastination) so an update on the two coming up!

I mentioned a blog called 'fluentin3months' a few months ago on my 'Esperanto' post and recently bought his (Benny Lewis') book with the same name as the blog. I have not started reading yet but the book is 'Tips and techniques to help you learn any language'. It should be a good and helpful read!
I am loving my uni town and have settled really well here. I love my course ( far), my Church, my Christian Union, my home away from home and the many wonderful friends I have met here. I went on  trips to a lovely country mansion, the Isle of Jersey and to Brownsea Island I am still into Geography / language related things in my free time.

 I often read 'BBCMundo' when reading the news, my 'Santa Biblia' to read beautiful translated Bible verses in the beautiful Spanish language;

Yes, that is a selfie stick #ftw

I go on lovely nature walks through forests or on the beach,

 I cook Korean and sometimes Mexican dishes and I am trying to keep up with my Korean TV shows music and Spanish films! French is going well as well.

Plus, my room has lovely World Maps on the walls ;)

That is it for now. I hope 2015 is prosperous and excellent for you all. 2014 was a big lesson for me and I went through some radical changes last year. 2,500+ page views ↑ we go!~~


Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hiya readers! Again I have been absent from this blog...with good reason though! I am settling into my lovely university and course. Tourism management is so good so far is all :)
As you know I love languages and have the option to study one at beginners level. Unfortunately, that meant I cannot do Spanish with my course but independently at the library! The other options was Mandarin Chinese, French or Tourism Society and Culture. Though Mandarin would be interesting, I decided to return to my first. It has been too long French! Time to study you with a willing heart.
So I am studying Tourism, French and Spanish and Korean independently. ¡4 idiomas - caramba! I could not be happier!
Hope to update soon once I get my head around this crazy new world!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sorry for the hiatus, but... are you ready!

Hello all! I welcome you once again to this blog that I have for a long time been neglecting. This summer has just been THAT crazily busy. Good news only; I got into university! 

University and A-Levels
So I am leaving my home to go study Tourism Management in a lovely lovely place! As I have said in the past, my geography grade has always been disgusting but luckily this year, the geography module that I completely failed last time, I got an A in that module - which was enough for my happiness. Another module I basically failed last time went up to a B grade. The rest of my grades were not as impressive (I was really disappointed by Spanish but I took that exam as a completely broken  but I am now moving on from the A-Level world. I would have started my course by this time next week.

So I finished learning Spanish in school. My sixth year finished of learning this beautiful language - and as some of you may already know - it will not stop there! I am definitely doing a Spanish module at university and hopefully can do a term abroad in Spain or even a placement year out there...when I get more knowledge on things I will decide; but that is all in the future! I have a friend who is like a sister that has gone to do a year of volunteer work in Peru so I am jealous her level of Spanish will overtake me really soon haha :) but I do wish her the best experience for this next year. I have another friend that studies Spanish at university and has gone to Spain for the year as part of her course . 

I went to my school to say goodbye to some teachers recently and had a really nice conversation with one of my Spanish teachers about keeping the language alive in my life, If anyone here is reading this and is a learner of a language, please remember to keep practicing the language or you will forget things more and more. Utilize it whenever you can! I have tried to keep Spanish alive by watching films in Spanish like 'nueve reinas' and 'perdon si te llamo amor'. I will soon watch 'diarios de motocicleta' which is about famous figure Che Guevara. I also have been listening to a wider range of Spanish / latin music (not just the Shakira I am used to) like 'bachata' and reading articles on 'BBC Mundo'.

There was one day earlier this summer I was on the bus and could hear several people having Spanish conversations in different accents and it was killing me because I automatically go to translate and listen to their conversations as if it is a listening exercise! 

I will try to improve my grammar but I think I am getting better with automatically responding in Spanish!

I must say I have made progress with Korean, mainly because I surround myself with many Korean things and ways to learn. Another mission I gave myself was to learn the meanings of those little things I do not know in a sentence instead of skipping them and translating the words I am used to; also, enriching my vocabulary and trying a bit harder with grammar. The next thing I need to try is stop mixing Korean and English in sentences when I have no idea what to say - I do speak in very broken sentences sometimes haha. 

Our class 'successfully' carried out our annual Korean event, though there were many difficulties that I will try to forget about (the stress was unbearable)! We filmed our drama parody video, performed a dance, cooked and served food and had a really good time. Our hard work paid off and so thank you to everyone that helped made it possible, my lovely Korean teachers and those certain few unnies and chingus that worked hard.
Like with Spanish, I cannot help overhear Korean conversations to test out translation skills. I did visit Korea Town a few times this holiday and on one occasion I was sat next to a father and his daughter. The father was teaching her Korean etiquette like how to wrap the meat in the lettuce, checking if she knew how to hold her chopsticks properly; as he spoke to her in Korean she would reply in English. I just found that situation really cute and funny - especially when the father told her to eat the hot soup slowly saying '천천히' which reminded me of a key line from a sketch from KBS's 'Gag Concert' called 'Hidden Masters'. I was mid conversation with my friend when I had to stop speaking in case I burst out laughing. Anyways, another reason I listen to others speaking their language is in case if they were to say something bad about me and I could surprise them by understanding. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened to anyone as with my friends we use Korean as almost a code (never for bad reasons) but for secret jokes which I find fun, or to warn someone about something in subtle way. 

Other languages
So at the start of summer I gave myself a challenge to also improve my Portuguese, Chinese and French (I am on absolute beginners for Portuguese and Chinese). I have basically done no French, I have not tried to learn anymore Chinese symbols last time but have worked just a tiny bit with Portuguese lol. I did meet a Chinese girl in a Korean class and she was surprised when I knew the meaning of three very basic symbols '男' '天' '美' when we were reading a Korean article about 3 members of Exo on the cover or a Hong Kong fashion magazine. With Portuguese I just have worked with my pronunciation and try to recognize the words that are similar in Spanish and French. I find that really fun and I just listen to my Portuguese music :)

I resumed reading my book about North Korea 'Nothing To Loose' and my Bible in Spanish. Still many more updates to happen...once I find the time in my busy schedule, but thank you for reading! See you soon!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Posts coming soon!

I have a lot to say and a lot to do. I have not blogged since the start of the summer and now the summer has almost ended! I will try my best to update pages as well and I also have new ideas haha...we will see if they will be unveiled soon!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

This video helps so much

This brief 4 minute video explains how languages may relate and can evolve watch it here.
"Next time you hear a foreign language, pay attention; it may not be as foreign as you think."

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Chinese tag!

Again, the things that happen with procrastination has a good effect in one way. I needed to post about this immediately!

I posted early this academic year that I went to a Mandarin class at Sixth Form just for a taster. I did not want to take up another language beginner level at this moment in time; but honestly this wasn't the first time I have looked into Chinese. A lot of people say they wish they were fluent in Chinese just because. As I always say, my speaking has always been the weakest aspect whenever I start to learn a language - you should hear how bad I am at English the language I am 'fluent' in haha. The taster session focused mainly focused on pronunciation and intonation which I liked and I can also say I took something useful from that class (I can now pronounce the Chinese version to Exo - Wolf better by looking at the romanization) but I really wanted to learn more symbols; especially since I was looking at the characters a little bit before - mainly because of Korean.

I really like learning the origin of words that is why I was considering Latin or esperanto (modern day Latin as I call it as it is like a mix of many European languages and many European languages are formed because of Latin!) So with Korean learning the meaning behind symbols are useful to find the links int things and to understand why I am saying what I am saying - where did it come from? As Korean or Hangul rather was made, by King Sejong the great, for the people of lower status to understand Chinese it obviously has Chinese influence. That is why is is called 'Poor Man's Chinese'.

"The Korean script was developed by King Sejong for his people. Back then, the Chinese script was used by scholars to write Korean and people of lower status couldn’t read it. That’s why the King made Han-geul reeeeaaaally easy to read, so any idiot could learn it." [1]

Whilst watching Korean shows like 'Running Man' or the drama 'Jang Ok Jeong lives by love' which was set in the Joseon dynasty I would see some Chinese symbols pop up, get curious about it, look it up and remember it the next time I see it. Characters like 大, 天, 人, 王, 月, 無, 中, 金 and some more. And then my dad gave me this one day:


Learning these symbols are just really aiding my Korean learning I think but I enjoying it too; for example, I always knew 달빛 meant Moonlight (I have a friend and her Korean name is DalBit / 달빛) so when she mentioned how there is an Exo song about her (referring to 월광 (Wol-Gwang) which means moonlight also) it really irked me! Why was there another word to 'Moonlight' which was quite different to the one I knew? I instantly thought that it had to be Chinese. I knew that 월 meant month. The moon has a monthly cycle (like humans and werewolves haha). I knew that in Chinese month and moon share the same symbol '月'. I had a flashback to a Running Man episode when Gwangsoo said his name meant light '光' Gwang. So there is the Moon+Light that made moonlight. Hey, I am not claiming to be a genius but to realise that with my minimum knowledge in Chinese was quite handy (both symbols were in the top 100 basic Chinese symbol list I use).

I use my Spanish knowledge if I am ever reading something in French and it helps if I come across something in Italian or Portuguese. English and my limited French helps if my German friend sends me something in German. We are all tightly woven, more than we think. Languages are really similar. The other day I thought about 'specially' special and the suffix '-ly' is kind of the same in Korean 특별히- 특별 being 'special' and adding the '히' has the same effect as the '-ly' and makes it mean specially. It is a direct by translation and things like this amaze me. What a nerd!Doing things this like this also makes me realise only logical things e.g. 'pomme de terre' in French translates as 'apple of the Earth' which made me think 'wait, do apples not come from the Earth?' Obviously the come from apple trees.

I am still left with a few questions - 일본 in Korean means 'Japan'. If 일 translates to Sun does that mean like in Chinese 日本 (land of the rising Sun / Sun Origin) means Japan too? What does the 본 mean? Is it the 'origin' part? 수 means water. Is that why a WATER-melon is 수박 and there is water involved with 수영?

It is just for fun! Therefore I will only 'enriquecerme' (enrich myself) in learning symbols in Summer and regain my Year 9 level of French whilst striving forward with Spanish and Korean; but am I getting a bit a head of myself with all these languages?

The significance of the days of the week in Chinese - Korean
(Moon, Fire, Water, Wood, Gold, Earth, Sun)

The meanings of the trigrams from the taegukgi and randomness

The elements / blocks from the Taegukgi

Directions Korean-Spanish-French-English-Chinese

Taegukgi decoded
Taiji Yin&Yang symbol
- Red is heat and light
-Blue is coldness and darkness
White background / flag = Peace, purity and cleanliness
The trigrams

The pronunciation guide I received at the Mandarin taster session
The symbols I recognise, please excuse my horrible

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Monday, 19 May 2014


These are my entries for a photo competition (all pictures my own of course) for my favourite singer for her new album. I do not know what I would win if I win but if I do I will make sure to mention it. Entries had to be an 'elements' related picture with a lyric from a song from the album 'Elements' by the lovely Kina Grannis. I hope you enjoy the pictures and even go search this lovely talented lady.

Also, how much do you know about North Korea? I took a quiz and got a disappointing 8/15 though some were obvious and guessable others were hard and random. You think you know North Korea?