The countries you don’t hear much about

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The countries you don’t hear much about (Their suffering)

On this page I am hoping to inform people about some places in the world you don't hear much about - their location, what is happening politically, economically and why I chose to write about them - how they are suffering. Everything I'm writing is from what I understand from research but if you’re going to criticize the things I’ve found just correct it. Obviously I want to be as accurate as possible and hopefully neutral as allowed, this is just to let some people find out a bit about the countries that are suffering quite a bit (saying this again with my words – obviously several places are suffering however, these are just what I've chosen to write about. Any suggestions, just comment.)

To be honest I don't like to watch the news that much. I find the news interesting but in cases like this, ignorance is bliss. I feel I'd rather not know about the suffering in the world because it is depressing. We don't even hear every story about all types of poverty, political downfall, racial struggling but they stories we do hear are quite heavy. The amount of deaths around the world for 'silly' reasons is horrific. I do watch the news but it's sad. 90% of the news (fake statistic but I think a good guess) is negative. So below is where I talk about all the places that I've heard a bit about, researched a bit about and decided that I should go into a bit of detail about (if possible).

North Korea
North Korea is in East Asia connected to mainland China at the north and South Korea at the south. North Korea has positive connections with China and Russia and Southeast allies like Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Even though they are close with China, there was a complaint about the amount of illegal refugees and now the North boarder to China is closely guarded and dangerous to cross. Recently, North Korea has been on the news a lot because of their threats to the USA that they will start a nuclear war, their missile shooting tests and to South Korea and it's new female president. North Korea said they will stop all nuclear weapon activity however, their threat is increasing.

Once upon a time, Korea was a united kingdom. The two sides divided after the first world war in 1945 and Japans rule over Korea had ended and their border is at the 38th parallel (north) - the latitude 38°from the equator. The USA and Soviet Union chose to temporarily keep both sides separate and because the Soviet Union didn't cooperate with the United Nations the North side became a communist state and the South pro-western. This started the Korean war 1950-1953 and the cold war until recently (tension between the two). Early in the millennium, relationships had improved with the North and South however, 'all was thrown out the window' when the president of South Korea continued to produce nuclear weapons (some may say this caused further paranoia with the North Korean government).

Until 1989 only one person crossed the boarder (successfully) but now there are around 130,00. Today, there are no trade or business with each other however, South Korea provide aid for the underprivileged people of North Korea
There have been several land border incidents where South Korea will find infiltration tunnels (underground tunnels to get from one Korea to the other), people will try to cross over but they are killed, and soldiers are killed in gunfire exchange. There have also been other incidents away from the boarder like spy boats, North Korean infiltrators arriving in cities in South Korea and opening fire and even two air incidents - one where South Korea mistook an airline plane for North Korean military aircraft and opened fire.

North Korea has been accused of having the poorest human rights in the world. Even if a North Korean was caught listening to South Korean radio, the likely punishment would be capital punishment (death) and singing South Korean music would result in imprisonment in prison camps. In those prison camps there are around 10,000 deaths a year.
There is great dedication to the 'eternal leader' Kim Il-sung through art and music. The worship of the leader goes to extremes where people 'were forced to mourn at Kim Jong-Il's death' and a girl drowned trying to save a painting of them (sounds like animal farm to me).

The average household salary was equal to on average $47 per month but is now around $2 per month however, many North Koreans will earn money through illegal business'. There is malnutrition and great food shortage in North Korea which drives some to cannibalism, digging up graves and murdering others just to eat

 North Korea is so highly secured, that you can't see it's street view on Google maps; they have the 4th biggest army in the world, there are thousands of cameras for mass surveillence on inhabitants. 

Korea stopped 'fighting' decades ago even though no (permanent) peace treaty was ever signed, however North Korea has rid of any peace. Because of this divide, there has been families that are divided on either side of the boarder who wish to be reunited.

There is some tourism in North Korea and tourists remain few from Western countries. Rarely, South Koreans can get permits to enter tourist areas. A special tourist area was made but is no longer visitable as a South Korean woman was shot dead when she entered military grounds. There was an incident where two Asian-American reporters were captured as they tried to film refugees at the boarder of China / North Korea but wandered into North Korean military ground. North Koreans also have access to a nationwide internet but not global so they can only see North Korean sites and censored information from foreign sites.

 Koreans all have the same language but different dialects and as South Korea has adopted modern terms, North Korea has stayed the same but made other words in Korean. Their romanization system is different (Chosongul / Hangul to English). I think (opinion time) they have a good education system with 99% literacy rates and school is compulsory for 11 years and there is higher education available. Their health care is fair with 100% access to clean water and traditional Korean medicine however there are many diseases endemic to the country, life expectancy is only to the age of 64 and malnutrition is a big problem. North Korea allows their citizens to compete in the Olympics, however it is tense when the opposing team is a US or South Korean team. If they win they are rewarded with cars, fridges and TVs if they lose, they have to go to a labour camp. I think when they participate in the Olympics, they are under high supervision in case they run away so they're never left alone (I read their families are threatened). That poses the question - what will happen if they were to run away? Did you see the tension when the wrong Korean flag was shown next to North Koreans faces at the Olympics?

The North Koreans are maltreated, brainwashed and know little about the 'outside world'. I'm sure their lives aren't that happy what could they compare happy lives with since they don't know much. They are fed propaganda instead of food for breakfast. The rest of the world is kept secret from them. Some of them only know about 'the other side (South Korea). It's like a world without geographical knowledge. They are taught to hate and be afraid of the outside world and with no possible outside information allowed the only way they can find out is through secretly listening to foreign radio.
Read the story of Shin Dong Huyk - I thought the outside world was paradise the only North Korean known to escape. I will read his book soon. Another story of a North Korean

 Maybe one day North and South can reunite, but on the other hand, is the scar too deep? 

Go to Google and type in 'Do North Koreans...' and each time add a letter from the alphabet to see bizarre FAQs. One I saw was 'Do North Koreans...' added the letter 'p' and ' star-craft' came up.

 Picture 11 (I think the rest are really powerful and emotional also)

North Korean citizens watch Gangnam style in secret

10 Things about North Korea

Next time you complain about your parents being hostile, remember they're not near ranks to North Korea. And if you still don't know what communism is, Wikipedia it or read a book. I'm not here to tell you everything I know!

The difference between South and North Korea at night. Look at the lights!


Catalonia is an autonomous community in Spain which means that they are their own region and nationality in Spain however, forced to be part of Spain. Catalans have been wanting independence from Spain for a long time and one reason being they were their own Kingdom. They are called the economic wheel of Spain as they are the main reason that Spain has the economic levels it has. A lot of Spaniards  dislike the Catalans. There is soon to be a referendum. Catalonia isn't the only place in Spain that wants independence Country Basque, Galicia also.

 (for 36.4% of them, the most important reason is the capacity and wish of economic autonomy. Other reasons, in order of importance, include sentiment of not being respected by Spain (13.3%), identity (11.5%), sentiment of being citizen of Catalonia as a nation (10.4%), increase of capacity of decision and autonomy (10.3%), capacity of being self-sufficient (7.1%), wish for a different model of country (4.7%) and independence being the only way to improve (3.6%), amongst others.

you might look at Spain and think they are such a proud country but do you know about the several autonomous communities that don't want to be a part of Spain  (coming soon)

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