I think most of us started learning Spanish with Dora the Explorer. I remember being in Year 7 and being desperate to get to year 8 so I can start learning Spanish. I loved French and still do but I felt Spanish was for me. So here I am; in year 12 still learning Spanish. Luckily, to my surprise I got an A in my Spanish GCSE and since then I was debating with myself whether to do sociology or Spanish or sociology or Geography. I removed Sociology from the equation and carried on with Spanish. I really do love Spanish even though it is hard. I think I might stop it after AS (well it depends on the grade I have for all my subjects) but even if I do stop it I will carry on with independent study (especially since I'm forever listening to my favourite artist Shakira). I have an oral presentation approaching soon so hopefully that goes well and then the exam in May is reading, writing and listening all in one.


I've had to do some presentations for Spanish. I really found this interesting and maybe you will too. By doing different areas of Spain you find out how different each are from the other, their individual history, what they are known for and I've found that Spain isn't such a united country - there are many autonomous communities and a lot of places wanting to gain independence from Spain, one being Catalonia.
If you can't read Spanish, look at the pictures - I'm sure you'd get the gist!

My trip to Spain
Cuando fui a España, fui en transbordador. Me quedé en un hotel pequeño en Santander. Visité la playa (era buenísima), comí los helados, visité el safari y visité el centro de la ciudad, los pueblos y el centro comercial. 

When I was looking at the outline of the Spanish course, it said you have to have an interest for Spanish culture. Obviously I was interested but now I just want to know more and more about the culture - doing the presentations have made me more interrested. Doing Spanish, I find out a lot of interesting things about not only Spain but South America and Hispanic America as well - like the difference between words used in the places, the lifestyle etc. It really is a great course; even if I don't achieve fluency I am so happy I chose Spanish instead of Sociology - when people say do what you love doing, they really mean it - even if you find it incredibly  hard; the thing is you love it so wouldn't it make it worth while?

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