Tuesday 27 January 2015

Happy New Year!!

Greetings loyal / new / wandering readers! I hope that the Winter break was enjoyed and peaceful for those who had a break and that 2015 will be good for you all!
I decided (NEW YEARS RESOLUTION...though January is almost over) I really have to dive into blogging again so I will be hopefully having minimum weekly posts and multiple updates coming soon as I have some time on my hands.
So here we go~~

I follow a really beautiful twitter page called viajerosblog on twitter (it means travelers blog) and my friend tells me I spam by retweeting my 'paradise porn' pictures. I can't help it! Check out the glorious pictures of various worldwide destinations they post!
I received another box filled of lovely Korean goodies from my amazing Korean friend - I realised I still have not shared what was in the first box and what I sent! (Major procrastination) so an update on the two coming up!

I mentioned a blog called 'fluentin3months' a few months ago on my 'Esperanto' post and recently bought his (Benny Lewis') book with the same name as the blog. I have not started reading yet but the book is 'Tips and techniques to help you learn any language'. It should be a good and helpful read!
I am loving my uni town and have settled really well here. I love my course (...so far), my Church, my Christian Union, my home away from home and the many wonderful friends I have met here. I went on  trips to a lovely country mansion, the Isle of Jersey and to Brownsea Island I am still into Geography / language related things in my free time.

 I often read 'BBCMundo' when reading the news, my 'Santa Biblia' to read beautiful translated Bible verses in the beautiful Spanish language;

Yes, that is a selfie stick #ftw

I go on lovely nature walks through forests or on the beach,

 I cook Korean and sometimes Mexican dishes and I am trying to keep up with my Korean TV shows music and Spanish films! French is going well as well.

Plus, my room has lovely World Maps on the walls ;)

That is it for now. I hope 2015 is prosperous and excellent for you all. 2014 was a big lesson for me and I went through some radical changes last year. 2,500+ page views ↑ we go!~~