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Hi everyone! So I am an avid beer drinker and have been for some years now. I thought I would create this page in celebration of me trying 100 different beers from all over the world.

A few years ago when I realised that I have been trying quite a range of different beers I decided to make a beer list where I would write the beer name, what country it comes from and what ranking I give it out of 10. Today I am here to share my beer list with you in order of country / continent.

Beer isn't a popular choice for many people, but for me it's refreshing, not too heavy in alcohol, a great social drink, tasty and diverse in flavours. I aim to be some sort of beer connoisseur and learn more about the terminology and tastes which is why I hope my attempts to discover more beers around the world can expand my beer knowledge.

To incorporate some teaching into this, here are some ways to say 'beer' in different languages:

- 맥주 (Maek-ju) - Korean
-  Cerveza - Spanish
- Cerveja - Portuguese
- Bière - French
- Cervesa - Catalan

Some of the lids I've collected over the years.
Starting from non-alcoholic, to ciders, to Soju to beers etc.
Of course the beer is the largest section,


United Kingdom

Here is where my beer story begun. My first beer was a Fosters. Though originally Fosters is an Australian beer, it is brewed under licence in many countries including the UK. Fosters is amongst my top ranking beers though only rated 7/10.

Usually when I go out to a pub or restaurant I tend to try a different beer each time, whether craft or mainstream...I've more or less tried a lot of mainstream British beers so any new appearances on my list will most likely be a craft beer. Also, my sister recently gifted me with a crate of craft beers for my graduation thus more and more are being discovered without much effort from me.

UK beers tried: Cubanisto, Thornbridge Tzara, Byron, Galahad, Abbot Ale, Amigos, Windrush Stout, Newcastle Brown Ale, Camden Hells, Gold Lager Wimbledon, Siren Soundwave, Five Points XPA, Fosters Radler, Fosters.

All UK beers I have tried are ranked 5+ on my list. I wonder if I will find one I dislike that I rank it 'undrinkable'.


I have spent quite a lot of time in Spain and so it's natural that I've wanted to try a lot of Spanish beers. The first time I did was when I was doing work experience in Valladolid. The rest came from various holidays in Spain and my work placement in Barcelona...though some of them on the list I tried for the first time in the UK.

I liked that in Spain everyone typically liked beer and it is so cheap there compared to in the UK. Right now I miss the vendors walking around the beaches or parks or squares and selling a beer for 1€. On my list once again all beers are 5+ and are typically ranked quite high up on the list.

Spanish beers tried: San Miguel, Mortiz Epidor, Estrella Galicia, Cruzcampo, Estrella Damm Barcelona, Mahou (Cinco Estrellas), Alhambra Tradicional, 1906 (Reserva Especial), Shandy Cruzcampo, Moritz, Damm Lemon, Alhambra Especial, Aurum, Damm Saaz.


I've never tried beer in France but I have tried French beers: Desperados, Desperados Red, Brasserie, Desperados Dos, Kronenbourg 1664, Vaquero.


I have tried a range of different beers from Belgium as an ex coworkers was from Belgium and brought some back for us to try, but I wasn't paying attention to my beer list then so I have a bunch of forgotten about Belgium beers. But big up the Stella! 

Belgium beers tried: Stella Artois.


All Portuguese beers that I have tried were all in Portugal and all quite enjoyable. The first one I tried on my first night was Imperial and that touched my life. It is such a quality beer...and hard to find on the internet as there seems to be quite a few 'Imperial' beers. I even was able to visit 'Museu da cerveja' in Portugal a Beer museum and there all my dreams came true😂. All are 7+ rankings which is super good.

Beers from Portugal tried: Imperial, Sagres Bohemia, Super Bock, Sagres.


When I visited Malta I was able to add quite a few beers to the list. My favourite actually turned out to be Cisk Extra Strong which is possibly the strongest beer I have ever tried in terms of ABV %. Most of the beers I tried were quite enjoyable. 

Beers from Malta tried: Cisk Extra Strong, Hopleaf Pale Ale, Cisk, Cisk Lemon. 


Did you know that hospitals used to offer Guinness to women right after they gave birth and also to recent blood donors because of it's rich in iron benefits? Still though, I don't really like Guinness and gave it a 4/10. 

Irish beers tried: Guinness.


We are gathered here today to talk about Heineken. It is a trash drink. It tastes like soap. It is a a disappointing beer but what is even more disappointing is that too many people enjoy drinking it. Gag!

Dutch beers tried: Claro, Amstel Light and Heineken.


It seems to me the Polish like drinking beer and the only Polish beer I've tried is Tyskie.

Polish beers tried: Tyskie.


I've ranked most German beers quite low actually (between 3 and 6 out of 10). Maybe beer in Germany is much nicer.

German beers tried: Duff, Becks, Salitos, Eichbaum, Becker's Pils Premium.


The only Danish beer I have tried it Carlsberg which seems to appear in many pubs in the UK on the tap.

Danish beers tried: Carlsberg.


I have only tried Peroni Nastro Azzuro. All I can say is can someone please introduce me to a nice Italian beer please.

Italian beers tried: Peroni.


South Korea

Onto Asia, most of the beers I have tried were from South Korea and they are quite up there in my list. I may seem biased but I can even do a taste test and spot out my favourite Korean beer which is called Cass. I did try Hite before my holiday in Korea as it is quite easy to find at Korean shops and restaurants in the UK but  had Cass for the first time in South Korea.

South Korean beers tried: Cass and Hite.


The Thai beers that I have tried were both from the same restaurant in Central London 'Busaba Eat Thai'.

Thai beers tried: Chang, Singha.


I found Tiger in Asda and it was rather delightful.

Singaporean beers tried: Tiger.


 I also bought Asahi from Asda. I see it often on the menu in Asian restaurants.

Japanese beers tried: Asahi (super dry).

Hong Kong

I have tried Gweilo which my good friend Jeffrey gifted for me (shout out to Jeffrey!) He tells me Gweilo means 'white ghost' in Cantonese.

Hong Kongese beers tried: Gweilo.


There seems to be a trend in the Asian beers I find in Asda. I disliked Kingfisher, sorry.

Indian beers tried: Kingfisher.


Tsingtao. Worst beer I've ever had. I really wanted to try it because of a popular advert I saw a few years ago and now I feel sick just thinking about it.

Chinese beers tried: (If you can call it a beer) Tsingtao.

North America


I have tried quite a few beers from the United States. On my list they are typically placed in the middle range.

American beers tried: Blue Moon, Budweiser, Rio Grande, Coors Light, Goose Island IPA, Argus.


From the amount of Mexican beers you'd think I've been to Mexico! I think beer goes quite well with Mexican food and I've mainly tried them whilst dining. Corona is always a safe go to when you don't know anything else on the menu and you can probably find it wherever you go.

Mexican beers tried: Pacifico Clara, Corona Extra, Sol, Modelo Especial, Queen of the Night (DDLM).


Canadian beers are like their people. Quite nice.

Canadian beers tried: Bud Light, Carling.


My country! The first time I tried a Jamaican beer was in the most fake Caribbean restaurant called 'Turtle Bay'. You may or may not have heard of it but I advise you to not waste your money there. Authentic beer though of course. You can find Jamaican beers in the world food aisles in supermarkets.

Jamaican beers tried: Red Stripe, Dragon Stout.

Trinidad & Tobago

I have tried two beers from T&T and they both rock. I found them both in the world food aisles in Tesco and Asda.

Trinidadian beers tried: Stag, Carib.

South America


I have only tried one Brazilian beer. It was alright but it had a mild taste to it. Yet another discovery from the beer aisle in Asda.

Brazilian beers tried: Brahma.


I tried Polar in a Venezuelan restaurant near to my home town and I instantly loved it.

Venezuelan beers tried: Polar.


I tried my first Colombian beer in the same Venezuelan restaurant. It wasn't as good as Polar but I was happy to try it.

Colombian beers tried: Aguila.



As Mozambique is an ex-colony of Portugal, I was able to try some Mozambican beers whilst in Portugal as I visited a Mozambican restaurant.

Mozambican beers tried: 2M, Laurentina. 


One day I do hope to try more beers from around the world so Australia / Oceania. Let's see if we ever get the opportunity!

Me in front of the 'Museu da Cerveja' - Beer Museum in Lisbon

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