Gran Canaria 2001
Gran Canaria is a Spanish Island and is the second largest of the Canary Islands South Western to Spain and North West to the North West coast of Africa. It has a very hot climate with temperatures ranging from 14°c as the lowest and 27°c as the highest on average. It is quite a popular tourism destination with there being 2.2 million visitors each year and there are 840,000 residents.
If I’m not too old yet and my memory is treating me right, my first holiday was Gran Canaria in the year 2000 when I was 5 years old. It was with my immediate family and my mother’s two friends and their immediate family – so a party of 12 in total. From what I can remember, I really enjoyed it and I would want to go back. A memory I took from it was when I lost my ‘baby Annabelle’ doll on the mini-golf course and I cried. Luckily, it turned up at the reception desk in the hotel and they gave it to me from the very dusty drawer. Nowadays, ‘baby Annabelle’ has permanent residence at the bottom of my wardrobe.
St Lucia 2002
St Lucia is a small Windward island in the Caribbean that is near to Barbados, Martinique and St Vincent. Creole, a form of French patois is a secondary language of the Island. Key parts to the tourism include - the beaches, resorts, scenery and weather and Sulphur Springs – the only drive in volcano in the world; if it erupts in 100 years, ¾ of St Lucia. 
I went to the Island for a wedding with 14 relatives from my mums’ side of the family and my immediate family. On the plane before we took off we were addressed as ‘the family of 15’ by the plane staff and luckily our seats were all near to each other. We all stayed in apartments with our ‘immediates’ in an apartment complex I think one rents; there were a few other residents there but I think we took up the apartments. The beaches were beautiful and wherever I was I could always see mountains. I was also very young on this trip so what I remember of the wedding was eating the cake. It was very enjoyable especially because I was with all my family in a new fun place. Significant memories was the trip to the Sulphur springs, my cousins teasing me and when everyone was terrorised by a cockroach for ages screaming and my gran simply coming in and squashing it with her slipper.

Jamaica 2004, 2008
Jamaica is a very famous Greater Antilles Island in the Caribbean. It has a population of almost 3 million. Is known for Jamaican Patois, (biased but truthful) amazing food, music (reggae, ska, dancehall) especially Bob Marley and it’s a popular tourist place because of the Islands beauty – the sun and temperature, the beaches, and waterfalls. Although Jamaicans are mainly of (West) African descent, a lot of other racial groups are in the mix like Irish, German, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese and Syrian. There are also a lot of immigrants from Latin America, China, other Caribbean countries like Haiti and Cuba and America. My parents are actually from Jamaica – my father lived there till he was 11 and my mums parents were born there. My dad calls me half Jamaican – I don’t know what I am logically but I find that rude!
I have been to Jamaica twice in my life even though I’ve potentially had the opportunity 4 times. The first opportunity I was ‘too young’ to go for my uncle aunties wedding (my dad’s side of the family would be there) and I remember crying on the phone when I realised my sister went without me. I was 3 years old at that time. The first time I actually went was with my dad and sister. We stay with my grandparents’ house in Jamaica (Portland in the East - they also live around the corner when they’re in England). It was the Easter holidays and I was 7 years old. It was enjoyable actually seeing Jamaica. I got to visit my family that live there, go to the beach, eat my grandmother’s lovely food and meet the children my grandparents know that live in the area. I actually started catching onto the accent but no I will not speak Patois to anyone now. A memory was when I was walking on a tree and was saying to my dad who was filming ‘Daddy! Look at me!’ but I slipped and fell on barb wire which left a big scar on my back and me howling in pain.
I revisited in 2008 for the Easter – to be honest I didn’t enjoy it much that time. I was quite ill, the weather was really hot for me, there was so many insects especially moths, I was extremely homesick for once in my life and my sister was creating a bad environment with everyone. I do love Jamaica but that time around I ‘enjoyed the plane ride more than the holiday’. I really did want to revisit again, and still do, and could have in 2012 however, my dad wanted to go for a month as ‘two weeks isn’t enough’ – it’s more than enough. Memories: a really lovely outdoor restaurant we went to and I had the nicest food and fruit cocktail – the view was amazing; and when I heard my sister scream from the bathroom because there was a large millipede or centipede or something next to her foot. We didn’t sleep well that night even though my dad went to slay the beast.

Florida 2005
Florida is one of the 50 states of America. It is nicknamed the ‘sunshine state’ because of its lovely weather. It is neighbours with Alabama, Georgia, is above the Gulf of Mexico and is the 4th populous state. Tourism is the largest part of the economy and the main tourism aspects are the theme and amusement parks, Disney World resort and millions visit each year.
One of my favourite holidays ever I must say before explanation! I went to Florida the winter of 2005 and stayed there over Christmas as well. We stayed in the Rosen Plaza hotel (such an awesome hotel) on international drive and would go mostly to theme parks like Islands of Adventure, Universal studios, sea world, wet and wild and Disney Land! We fully plunged into the ‘American way of eating’ as a lot of the time we’d eat pizza, have milkshakes, drink soda (my love of mountain dew came from this holiday), buffets everywhere (especially a 3 dollar breakfast buffet where there was even donuts and cakes – my parents said I couldn’t have them though, sadly). Every day, we’d eat at the hotel restaurant ‘Matisse’ and the food was delicious. The hotel really shocked me – it was so big and luxurious and the swimming pool was fun and a lot of the time it was just me and my sister there so more fun and swimming room! I made sure this holiday I remember it and take it all in. It really was a fun 2 weeks filled with many memories
Some memories: Playing on lifts in the hotel – there were many floors. Meeting an Irish family ‘the Williams’ that stayed in the same hotel as us and we bumped into them everywhere; Meeting the mad hatter at the Disney Hotel before out flight. It was a breakfast and we got to ‘meet’ many Disney characters. I remember I was nervous to speak to Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh is my hero; watching the parade at universal studios.
  Being young and ignorant I was wondering why I had ‘no Christmas presents’ but then I realised the holiday was a really expensive present and one of my favourites ever.

France (Day trip) 2008
I’m sure everyone knows France is Western Europe, near Spain and Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and I guess also near the UK. Its capital city is one of the most famous cities in the world - Paris. I didn’t see much of France apart from the pretty houses and the countryside filled with cows. I definitely want to go back one day to experience France better, especially Paris.
In year 7, I got to go to Boulogne in the North-West of France for a day trip with half of my year group. A lot of my friends also came and it was really enjoyable. We went to a chocolate factory but we were all concentrated on the shopping trips. Besides, no one could breathe in that chocolate factory, the smell was quite…strong. I remember my parents were confused when I came home with the euros I did because I hardly spent anything! Memories: most of the people on the trip buying fake puff cigarettes; the intensity of shopping in the time limit we had and if we didn’t get back on time ‘we’d be left behind’; lastly, sorry Alexia for spilling the Fanta on your trousers!!

Spain 2010

Spain is a country in Europe neighboured by Portugal and France. It is also near to Morocco as in the South of Spain, the autonomous community of Andalusia (AndalucĆ­a) is labelled as 'a gateway between Europe and Africa' as the coast of Andalusia and the coast of Morocco only has less than 24 miles between them. For more on Spain, visit my Spanish page.
 The wonderful land of Spain, EspaƱa, Espagne. I went to Spain for the first time as a school trip for, if I can remember clearly, it was for 7 days and 6 nights. I especially wanted to go to Spain because when I already went to France with the school, whenever I thought of Spain, I thought of positive things like nice food, beaches, weather, hombres and I was a fan of how the language sounded. It was also a week away with friends...obviously teachers were there but it felt more fun then restricted. We took the ferry to Spain (for a form of transportation it was very fun) we watched a film in the ferry cinema, went to the sweet shop and had fun playing on the deck and on the various floors of the ferry. There were a lot of sea-sick people which was a downside but we arrived in Spain in a good state...I guess. It was very hot when we got off the ferry. I remember we had to wait in a park whilst we waited for a train. We stayed in PiƱamar hotel in Santander which is in the North of Spain.

Barbados 2010
Barbados is a small Windward island in Caribbean near St Lucia and St Vincent. I heard you can drive around the perimeter of the island in less than a day.
Every year my dad’s cricket club tour in summer to play other teams usually in other counties in England, and almost every year I go, however once in a while they go out of England. They have been to Barbados 3 times for the tour and I’ve been once.
To be honest out of all the beaches I’ve been to, Barbados has the prettiest beach (Spain being a close second). The butterfly beach hotel is wonderful; the swimming pool is amusing, the stunning beach is right next to the hotel; the food at the butterfly beach hotel is amazing. The room in the hotel was really nice –my sister and I shared a room and bathroom and there was the living room area where we’d eat, watch cartoons or the Olympics. Watching the club play cricket wasn’t too bad – they won half their games however, I’m sure there were times I was dreaming of being in the hotel swimming pool instead. Memories: the swimming pool with the other teenagers, the bull getting angry with us after the other teenagers were troubling the bull; Taylahs father in law, the man we kept randomly seeing ever since we were in the airport in London and we said he was our dad because they had similar shirts; playing hide and seek; the lizard in our room almost climbing into the suitcase and coming back to London with us; and sticky wicket (haha).

Turkey 2011
Turkey is an extremely warm Eurasian country bordered by eight countries and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The main language is Turkish and most of the habitants are Muslim. Tourism has been increasing the last 2 decades and is attractive because of the sun, culture and the beautiful landscape and scenery.
What a holiday!
We actually had the choice to say where we wanted to go for holiday (in a way) I kept suggesting Majorca but we ended up going to Turkey. I wasn’t looking forward to it at first but honestly I enjoyed it so much; I’d like to go back there because when I went I felt a bit restricted. My mum and her friend didn’t want to do much – I mean we didn’t even get to go to the beach! How can you go on holiday and not visit the beach if there’s a beach? It’s just not the same with the hotel swimming pool, even though that was awesome. If it wasn’t for the hotel entertainment team at Julian Club, I probably would have thought the holiday wasn’t as great. They were extremely entertaining and would always involve the visitors – at the hotel they would have step aerobics, swimming pool games, bingo, shooting games (not as violent as it sounds) and more. What I loved the most was in the evenings the entertainment team would host…entertainment – they’d usually start off with things more for children, do games that involve the audience and eventually wander more ‘adult humour’ themes – they even done Karaoke, which my sister had to embarrassingly involve herself in. She sung ‘She’s so lovely’ by scouting for girls, dedicated to me, which led people to believe she’s a committing  incest lesbian and she then realised further down as she sung the verses how weird it was. (Well I’m sure no one believed that – but people did turn around to look at me and my friend, a lady even asked ‘which one of youse is Kaycey?’).

 It was quite different to a lot of countries I’ve been to – especially the market places where people would wait at the entrances to talk you into looking at their shop and getting even more talkative and heavy when you decided to leave. A lot of people shop for clothes in Turkey for the authentic look of the fake designer clothes. The ‘bizarre’ was definitely crazy. It was crowded with people calling you, selling a lot of fake goods like Nintendo games (beware when you go there not to buy things you have no evidence of working) and I actually got summoned by a vender who called me by saying ‘come here dark chocolate girl’. 
That last paragraph was quite negative but honestly Turkey is a lovely place and I would definitely not pass the opportunity to go again. The food at the hotel was very high class. I wanted to take a chef home in my luggage just to cook me that mesmerizing pilav rice. I enjoyed going to do quad biking and I’m sure I was the only one who drove recklessly (because I’m crazy). There’s a lot of other things you can do like mud baths, sulphur baths, trip to the Island of Rhodes and much more amazing things. One more thing to be really careful of – there are a lot of attractive males so don’t faint when you look at them (sorry I just had to say it, I know I’m being really informal but the people must know!) Memories: my banana ice-cream addiction; the entertainment team; Hanky-panky (haha); party rock anthem literally being the anthem of the holiday; the repetitive dance songs that played 500 times each day; Sasha and Josh (haha); Taylah calling me and Sasha out on karaoke.
England – Cricket tour (Isle of white, Norwich, Gloucestershire, Devon, Oxfordshire, Bournemouth

As I mentioned, every year the cricket group my dad is part of tours usually to a part of England to play other teams and some members of their families will come along. I won’t go into much detail about each place but
Church – Devon, Sea side, Bognor Regis
Other – Lake District, Coventry, North Downs, 

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