Friday, 26 April 2013

Flatford Mill 2013

My tiny geography class and I have returned from our geography trip at Flatford Mill in Suffolk. We went to gather secondary and primary information for unit 2 of our geography exam and to find out how to tackle the questions.
It was a good time. The environment was lovely, the scenery idealistic, I was chased by a swan and our room was beautiful. We rowed a boat. We also had a first hand experience to how people from a certain Isle act (I'm sure my class are the only ones that understand that reference). I will be sure to post pictures soon :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Documentry and upcoming trip

Did anyone watch the Panorama documentry on North Korea last night? Any views on it or interesting / shocking things you found out? It was quite sad, wasn't it? If you haven't seen it it's just 30 minutes - watch it on iPlayer.
I found it sad. Actual footage from North Korea. The documentry showed such a difference just miles North of the boarder and a few miles South. North Korea was like a different planet compared to what was shown of Seoul - capital of South Korea. In the hospital there were no patients, the fields no crops, the farms no livestock, the bottlling factory no production and the tour guides were nervous and desperate for the tourists to not capture the poverty. You could see most of the people they talked to were trained to lie and lied to the tourists so naturally. When something goes wrong e.g a power cut, everyones says 'we blame the americans...this is because of the americans!' There was a clear quite scary idolisation of Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il who the North Koreans look at as 'gods that can never and has never done anything wrong'. They still worship them - even though they are dead they still have a force and rule over the country. It has been said that 'North Korea is the only place ruled by a dead person'. North Korea is clearly a place on Earth like no other.
I promise I won't only go on about North Korea forever; especially as there's a geography trip coming up!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Hello all. My books about North Korea has arrived! So far I have listened to  'The Aquariums of Pyongyang' and I will eventually read 'Nothing to envy' and 'Escape from Camp 14'. It's weird how North Koreas publicity is increasing because of their nuclear threat, hopefully with that the world will become more aware of the fowl humanity there and hopefully many lives will be saved from the drastic food shortages, the political camps, the lies and the North Korean government in general

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Colour the world!

Quick update; I am planning for my map to be coloured...almost completely.
These are my audience stats: 
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As you are all aware I am quite lazy so I'm sure it will be a trek to colour the world but one day I will conquer you all! Mwahaha. No.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter break

Hello all. I am currently on my Easter break. I hope you are all full on chocolate right now. I have my first views from Mexico. ¡Hola! I am sure I know the main culprit 안녕고양이씨 ^^ Here are the view distribution for this week so evidence it's not just me reading this and speaking to myself (unless I've really travelled to all these places...but that's time and effort).

I finished listening to 'The Aquariums of Pyongyang' and wow. That was amazing; by amazing not the positive amazing but astonishing, shocking, sad and dramatic. I felt like I was listening to a movie - the things that happen in North Korea are dreadful and inhumane. They go to such a far extent to maintain privacy but more people are becoming aware.

The author explained how even when there were family visitors from Japan the whole neighbourhood would have a clean out and be under high surveillance so the family can not mention the condition of the country and conversation was small with their visitors. Some things I found unbelievable was the high level surveillance, the near 'worshipping of their leader, the prison camps that many innocent were forced to live in, the rough food conditions that led them to sacrifice their corn to lur in rats ro eat the rats, the public executions where children would see 'betrayers' and 'criminals' be killed in the most vile ways, the selfishness that the author had to go through just to escape North Korea leaving his family including his little sister and the girl he loved, the North Korean government system and the crimes against humanity in general. Animal farm guys...that country is full of propaganda!

If you want to find more about North Korea (there's google...I kid) check out my page 'The countries you don't hear much about'. I really recommend this book - it's a real eye opener and even though the content is sad it is interesting to learn about it. You might now look at North Korea as 'communist country with 'little, fat hitler in a boiler suit' ruling constantly threatening the US and South Korea' but now you might see it as a place where many live with extremely unjust rules, unfair punishments, sufferring with a corrupt paranoid government.
See you all soon