Tuesday 16 April 2013

Documentry and upcoming trip

Did anyone watch the Panorama documentry on North Korea last night? Any views on it or interesting / shocking things you found out? It was quite sad, wasn't it? If you haven't seen it it's just 30 minutes - watch it on iPlayer.
I found it sad. Actual footage from North Korea. The documentry showed such a difference just miles North of the boarder and a few miles South. North Korea was like a different planet compared to what was shown of Seoul - capital of South Korea. In the hospital there were no patients, the fields no crops, the farms no livestock, the bottlling factory no production and the tour guides were nervous and desperate for the tourists to not capture the poverty. You could see most of the people they talked to were trained to lie and lied to the tourists so naturally. When something goes wrong e.g a power cut, everyones says 'we blame the americans...this is because of the americans!' There was a clear quite scary idolisation of Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il who the North Koreans look at as 'gods that can never and has never done anything wrong'. They still worship them - even though they are dead they still have a force and rule over the country. It has been said that 'North Korea is the only place ruled by a dead person'. North Korea is clearly a place on Earth like no other.
I promise I won't only go on about North Korea forever; especially as there's a geography trip coming up!!

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