Monday 30 September 2013

Hello once more

Hello everyone. So long time no post I guess. I am in my (hopefully) final year at sixth form and I want to next year do tourism management at university. Most of the tourism courses I looked at are four years as one of the years would be a placement year (mainly abroad). I also carried on with learning Spanish like I said I might. Yes it is hard but all of my subjects are really. I have a new Spanish and geography teacher so it is a bit different but they are nice profesoras :) I also would like to do sixth form work experience in Spain..which would help with my May speaking exam and my general confidence in Spanish because if I am forced to speak in the language for a week I would have to polish it. I am definitely for it as long as it is a yes from my mother. It would also be a great help for tourism management if I can do my work experience in a hotel!!
I am planning to do my Spanish exam essay on Patagonia / chile / the Andes and the importance of that certain geographical area (tourism, fauna y flora). Korean update: as the 수녀님 (Korean nun) that taught us before has briefly returned to Korea, we have two Korean students teaching us which is fun as always. That is all I have to write for now - I must concentrate on my university application and grades. More updates soon I hope! Shoutout to some of my friends abroad 지영, 수민, Lilly, Yolanda and you :p

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