Monday 27 January 2014


Hi all! I am still counting down the days till I leave for Spain (19 to be exact). I still don't know my work placement so hopefully it will be confirmed soon! Recently I have been listening to a couple of songs in Portuguese and a few more in Spanish after having some recommendations and wanting to break out of my habit of just listening to Shakira to learn. I also aim to watch some movies in Spanish and start watching a Tv series. The songs in Portuguese are both by Adriano Ribeiro after seeing my friend share a cover of his song 'Cenário de Novela' and I some how came across 'Timidez'. I would suggest you give them a listen. I do not understand Portuguese but somethings are guessable because the amount of Spanish I know and limited French as the languages have their similarities. Do you listen to any songs in other languages?

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