Thursday 10 April 2014

It is that time of year again!!!...well

What I mean by that is that I am on my way back to London, from a Geography class trip in (of course) the Lake District! My class consisting of one other student, my teacher and I stayed 2 nights near to Glenridding and on our trip we done activities including a steam boat ride, a mountain walk up to 941m(!), collecting some [--some--] information for my Unit 4 exam (The rural landscape - Leisure and Tourism) and of course eating! What an enjoyable trip it was. The sights of course is a big attraction as the views are just amazing to look at. It just leaves you with a feeling, especially when on mountain treks, that you are so small; these mountains are so big yet they are only a tiny portion of this region which is a tiny portion of England which is a tiny portion of this world etc. (How big God is!)
Yes, the sights are so great...when you can see that is! We were so high up that the cloud mist blocked the distance that we could only see a few metres ahead when we were up in the colder part of the mountain at the Red Tarn.
Geography trips are always refreshing! The hike up and around(?) Helvellyn was 5 hours long and so I had a lot of quiet thinking time, self reflection and all that! It is like a medicine, helped with all my worries I guess too - pressed them all into a small ball! I did fall a few times as I was clumbsy, not correctly equiped and not used to the long walks combined with heights (I have a certain fear of hights). So obviously I tore my favourite pair of jeans and ended up almost slipping down a slope to try and save my teacher that had slipped too (no worries, Kaycey stuck the landing! ;]). So this is Kc reporting from the coach going back to London! Hope you all a lovely Easter and a lovely mountain climb when you too go and explore the world outside your front door (...okay, that was a cheesy end but cheesy is my middle name!)

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