Wednesday 6 March 2013

Intro to the blog

Hello there netizen (internet citizen)! Well if you’ve stumbled across this, found the link I’ve posted or are just a friend of mine, my name is Kaycey and I’m from London. I study Psychology, English Literature, Geography and Spanish at AS level at Sixth Form. I’m very passionate about Geography; even though my GCSE grade didn’t show how much I love it, this blog is a bit about how I’m infatuated with this subject, and have been my whole life (even though I didn’t realise it).  So stay tuned and click all the links to find out more about this wonderful world outside your front door.
(That rhymed guys... come on as cheesy as it is, it was cool admit it!)
Also thank you Stephanie for suggesting this all.

*Note all pages in progress

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