Tuesday 12 March 2013

Spanish assignment

With Spanish, I have an ongoing battle of 70% of the time me loving it and making plans for what to do with Spanish; the remaining 30% I can say I almost hate it and find it so hard. The work load is a bit and a lot of independent study but if I do my work on time I should find it alright. Most times when I 'almost hate it' is when I am rushing to do it the Sunday evening before my first two lessons on Monday morning - so yes, it's my own fault but seriously, honestly I lead the procras-nation (I procrastinate too much).

One of my latest piece of homework to hand in for Spanish was a writing piece on travelling the world for two years and what it was like when I came back to my home. I thought this wasn't real - travelling is one of my dreams I feel I may never be able to do. So me being me, I thought of the most creative storyline of seeing the places I want to see the most or return to: Lake district, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey and South Korea. I told me dad that I must have gone off track and forgot what I was supposed to write about as I wrote double the word limit - he told me to delete some. Never! It's like me erasing my dreams.

So today I handed in my work to my teacher and I can honestly say I teared up a little when I saw that I got an A. This would be me in the 70% part of the battle

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