Thursday 14 November 2013

Kbee London 2013

So the 6th of November 2013, I decided to go to KBEE London with a friend of mine. It was a very enjoyable time (KBEE by the way stands for Korean Brand & Entertainment Expo). I was able to go to a karaoke room 노래방 (which was weirdly placed in a modern art gallery) where I sung two 2NE1 songs with my friend. Unknowingly to us there were people in other places in the building that could hear us through a webcam set up haha! I got to see the 2NE1 hologram concert >twice!< and the Psy one as well. I won a Psy mask >twice!< I saw some familiar faces from other similar events and had a general great time looking around, watched an amazing drum performance, bought a Pucca pencil case and got some freebies as of course it was an expo! I must have forgotten something...oh of course meeting my favourite girl group 2NE1 who were the ambassadors of KBEE this year. They had a meet & greet and unfortunately I didn't get to see CL or Dara, I did meet and speak to Minzy and Bom and get their signs! My korean failed me that day >.< I was so shocked and happy that I couldn't speak properly (or even look at them properly). Security was very tight and banned picture taking, however I am very satisfied with the outcome of that day and wish to go to a similar event in the future.
G-Dragon display
2NE1 display

Big Bang display

Who doesn't like freebies

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