Tuesday 17 December 2013

Ever thought about learning esperanto?

I recently came across a really fascinating blog called fluentin3months.com . Check it out! Polyglots have always been a subject of interest to me (and a dream for me to become one...only a dream haha). The blog is written by an Irish male called Benny who can speak English, French, Irish, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Dutch, Asl....and esperanto!
I first came across what Esperanto is when I was browsing wikipedia and saw 'esperanto'. I thought to myself 'what is this language?' as it sounded like it was a Spanish or Latin type word. Esperanto has a elements of Spanish, Italian, French, English and German so if you know any of these languages, words should be familiar. For me, it is familiar because of the English, some of the Spanish and limited French and Italian I know.
It is proved that is helps making any of the languages above easier to learn (so mainly Latin based languages) easier to learn. You can easily find links between all languages and Esperanto uses these links in a way. Esperanto is a man made language...I think the purpose of it was so that we could all speak one universal language one day for world peace. It's a nice theory, but if I do decide to ever pick it up in the future, I'm sure it would be for the utility side of it. 

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