Sunday 1 March 2015


Getting away from my previous post (my lovely little rant if you missed it) Summer 2015 is going to be awesome. I am finally going to embark on the amazing adventure to *drumrolls* 대한민국 (만세 만세) ㅋㅋㅋ YES YOU GUESSED IT. KOREA2k15 is a thing! It is happening! I am going!

Tickets are booked and I am going with two unnies / older friends from my old Korean class. There will be so much to fit in to our 2 week itinerary. Visiting 5 of our Korean teachers, friends, penpals, monuments, landmarks, palaces. Having fun! it shall be mental. We are so excited and constantly thinking about this trip.

 It is true and cannot be ignored - there are racism horror stories; but it is like that in so many places once you come out of like multicultural London for example (not to say it doesn't happen in London too) but doesn't mean everyone is the same. I have met several Koreans and all they are are just welcoming lovely Seouls  (anyone get my Seoul / Soul joke I cannot wait especially to meet my 친구처럼 언니 ㅋㅋ ;)

More to come on this trip and you know this blog will be bumping in the summer time..though I am trying very hard now

Around this time last year was Spain, this summer will be Korea, next year I pray Spain again (maybe for a work placement God willing) and then where to next?!

I cannot remember posting my 'official' top 10 list but of where I want to go in some particular order:
  • Spain (Spain is only here cause I just always want to go but have already been 3 times before)
  • Korea
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • Italy
  • Peru / Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Nicaragua
(P.S please note how 7 of these countries are Spanish speaking).

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